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Autism Dance Class

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Barbara Delgado, Dir. Miami Dance Project: "Class let's go."

Barbara Delgado loves to dance.

Barbara Delgado: "You're gonna go out, around, out."

She teaches kids of all ages at her studio The Miami Dance Project, but Barbara wanted to take her passion for dance and do even mor, so she is using it to help kids with autism.

Barbara Delgado: "I have 6 year olds all the way to 19 years old from different spectrums also."

Barbara became certified in autism movement therapy. It's a way for kids with varying degrees of autism to express themselves through dance.

Barbara Delgado: "With children with autism predictability and the same patterns are important and that's what dance brings."

Every half hour or so they change up the activity. For example from modern dance to yoga to keep the kids engaged. That's important for Bianca according to her mom.

Martha Sanchez, Parent: "Now that she's turned 13, she has more of an attitude."

Since the age of seven Bianca has shown a love for music, and this program allows her to really express herself.

Martha Sanchez: "That's another thing she likes to do is sing, singing to the music and dancing and she makes up her own little routines."

9-year-old Amanda has also come out of her shell since starting the class.

Amanda, Dancer: "I like the dance."

Her mom says parents of autistic children shouldn't be afraid to let them try something new.

Sonia Lopez, Parent: "They might get scared of how they will behave outside, but if you don't expose them to that then they won't be able to function outside."

Barbara also has her mainstream students work with her autistic dancers so they can learn from one another.

Barbara Delgado: "When they work with these children, they get a sense of humanity, they become more grounded."

Parents agree this amazing dance class lets these kids be themselves and feel accepted.

Sonia Lopez: "They feel independent, they feel part of something else, they feel they're part of a group."

Lynn Martinez: "Barbara's dream is to start a professional dance program for dancers with autism."


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