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Karate For Bad Behavior

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WSVN -- Jill Trattler is proud of her three kids, but was looking for a way to improve their behavior. It started with her middle son Jeremy who was having trouble concentrating in school.

Jill Trattler: "It's kind of a vicious cycle, if you don't feel good about yourself you're not going to work as hard or try as hard."

She says her daughter Ali needed to improve her attitude.

Jill Trattler: "She's a strong girl, and sometimes those strengths can be used for good or evil."

And the youngest one Josh needed to be a little less dependent on mom. So she brought them all to hereto Master Al Agon at Perfect Balance Martial Arts. He makes it his goal to get kids to focus.

Master Al Agon: "Focus of the eyes, focus of the mind, sometimes even the eyes are looking at you but the mind is somewhere else, and focus of the body."

First, they teach kids how to bring all three together.

Master Al Agon: "From the moment they walk in, we have them do the attention stance. All three focuses must be active in that posture."

Master Agon says the attention stance teaches kids how to maintain eye contact, and as a result, become better listeners. Kids earn stripes as they go. Each color meaning something different.

Master Al Agon: "The green as you know is for reading that's for exercise of the mind."

Ali says since she started karate she's been able to focus more in class.

Alie Trattler: "It's helped me concentrate more in school and get better grades."

Jeremy's grades also shot up.

Jeremy Trattler: "Now I usually get all my words right when I take a spelling test."

And little Josh is getting his chores done at home.

Josh Trattler: "I'm doing good stuff around the house and I'm not behaving bad."

And that means mom is happy too.

Jill Trattler: "They want to make sure this isn't just an after school activity, that it really is translating back to the home back to school."

Master Agon also has the kids create vision boards to focus on short and long goals.

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