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Marriage Getaways

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WSVN -- Lissette and Nelson have been happily married for 12 years and know if one's not careful, working and raising kids could take a toll on the marriage relationship and therefore the family as a whole. That's why they have managed to avoid some of the problems so many marriages have by investing in their marriage and focusing on their relationship.

Nelson Telemaco, Husband: "If I lose sight of the time I need to spend and cherish with my wife, it could certainly have an effect on the relationship and the kids as well."

So when they heard about something called a "Marriage Getaway Weekend," it peaked their interest.

Lissette Telemaco, Wife: "We were thinking, this would be great, where we could have something to just focus on us, and we decided we would look into it."

An organization called FamilyLife gave us this video to show you what the events are like.

The getaways, mostly sponsored by faith-based groups, are aimed at strengthening healthy marriages and healing troubled ones.

Speakers talk to couples about their own struggles and how to work through them.

Lissette Telemaco: "Your husband is not your enemy, your wife. We're friends, and go back and remember what you first fell in love with."

7's Parenting Expert Dr. Valerie Goode says events like these are good for the whole family, because it teaches couples how to better communicate with each other.

Dr. Valerie Goode: "The only way they know to have boundaries sometimes is by fighting. They continually walk around with anger inside of them."

Dr. Val says children who grow up in a home where parents are constantly fighting tend to fight as adults.

But if mom and dad learn to listen to one another, the kids learn what a strong marriage is all about.

Dr. Valerie Goode: "The main role for a parent is to prepare their child for the future."

Nelson and Lissette say going to the marriage getaways has not only strengthened their bond as a couple but has also made them better parents.

Lissette Telemaco: "It is just so important to have that time as a couple, especially if you have children, just to have that time to focus on your marriage and make sure that it's strong so you can have a strong family."

FamilyLife will be having a Weekend to Remember Getaway on May 20 in Fort Lauderdale.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:FamilyLife Weekend to Remember Marriage GetawayTel: (800) 358-6329

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