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Etiquette Class

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WSVN -- Vernon Moxey, Dudley Dickens School of Etiquette: "So what we're going to do right here is go through the everyday basic place setting."

Vernon Moxey has made it his mission to turn boys into men.

Vernon Moxey: "Even the concept of being a man in today's society is very vague."

The certified etiquette consultant says young boys have very few good role models, so he teaches them the ABCs of etiquette.

Vernon Moxey: "Appearance, behavior and culture."

Starting with appearance, the idea is if you look good, you will act accordingly.

When it comes to behavior, the lesson: Treat people with respect.

And culture teaches them to smoothly assimilate into any given situation.

Vernon Moxey: "If they go into a restaurant or a business meeting or to a new school, that they don't have to be so stiff. They can relax."

Vernon Moxey: "This is your water, this is for sherry, that's for wine."

Today's lesson is how to dine at a fancy restaurant.

Vernon says never tuck your napkin in your collar.

Vernon Moxey: "We fold it in half and put it right there, right across your knee."

And if you feel the need to wipe your nose, remember this one rule.

Vernon Moxey: "Never, ever, ever, ever use the napkin."

The boys also learn the proper way to tie a tie.

Donnie is a sixth grader from North Miami Montessori School. At first, he wasn't so sure about an etiquette class.

Donnie Butler, Learning to be a Gentleman: "I wasn't sure, but now, I'm like, 'Yeah, it's cool. It's fun.'"

He is now glad he knows how to act.

Donnie Butler: "It helps them go through life without looking, I don't know, goofy."

Ten-year-old Mattia is a budding ladies' man.

Mattia Marsi, Learning to be a Gentleman: "Being fancy of course, and then getting all the ladies to like you."

Vernon says good manners do more than get people to like you. They open doors.

Vernon Moxey: "If you can understand the whole art of etiquette, it's a ticket to a whole big world out there."

Lynn Martinez: "Vernon gives each boy a swag bag, which includes a necktie, cologne and a breath mint."

FOR MORE INFORMATION:Dudley Dickens School of Etiquette Tel: (786) 514-2976

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