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Goal Setting

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WSVN -- Both Jonathan and his sister Catherine have big plans for the future.

Jonathan Sobenis, 10 Years Old: "Become a professional baseball player."

Catherine Sobenis, 8 Years Old: "I love to sing, I love music, I love to dance."

Their mom Carmen supports them 100 percent.

Carmen Sobenis, Mother: "I'm proud of them, because they have goals in mind since they were little."

So how can you help set your child's dreams in motion? Angela Ardolino is editor of "Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine." She says kids are never too young to start setting goals for themselves.

Angela Ardolino, "Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine": "The earlier the better. Children are capable of learning and doing anything."

Angela says it's important to help your kids visualize their goals, so step one is to create a vision board. You can get materials at a crafts store or from around the house.

Angela Ardolino: "Take a bunch of old magazines, newspapers, photos that they took."

Have your kids cut out words or phrases that inspire them and glue them on their board.

Carmen Sobenis: "All right, what does that say?"

Catherine Sobenis: "Confidence."

Catherine chose words like dreams, family, believe, and a phrase that inspires her.

Catherine Sobenis: "'You can always get what you want' means never stop trying and always believe in yourself."

Step two is to write down your goals. Angela says parents should help their kids be realistic about what they want. For instance, Jonathan wants a Ferrari by the time he's 16, so his mom helped him calculate how long that would take if he saved his allowance.

Jonathan Sobenis: "If I continue saving, in like seven years, I can buy the Ferrari."

And step three is to celebrate their achievements.

Angela Ardolino: "We need to celebrate it, then we need to reflect on it. How did we get here? What were the steps we took?"

And if your child falls short for any reason, Angela says that's OK.

Angela Ardolino: "There really is no failure or negative. It's just an, 'OK, I need to try a little harder on this one.'"

Lynn Martinez: "Kids should put their vision boards up in their rooms, so they can look at them before they go to sleep and let it be a reminder of their goals when they wake up."

FOR MORE INFORMATION:http://www.ParentingWithAngela.com

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