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New Year's Resolutions

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WSVN -- Twins Chiara and Joseph share many of the same friends and interests. Both 17-year-olds are looking forward to going away to college next year.

Chiara Raia, Making New Year's Resolutions: "I'm going to college. I'm not going to be at home. Everything is going to be so different."

Right now, Chiara is very involved in community service projects, and she doesn't want to let that passion slip away.

Chiara Raia: "It's just really rewarding. I love when you get to meet the people that you work with and just see the impact that it makes."

One of her New Year's resolutions is to continue helping others, even when she's away at school.

Woman: "That's what you do: stir, let it boil, stir, let it boil for about an hour."

But Joseph takes a different approach. He wants to be more self-sufficient, so one of his New Year's resolutions is to learn how to cook.

Joseph Raia, Making New Year's Resolutions: "One of my graduation presents that I want is a cookbook from my mom, so that will help me not buy food all the time."

7's Parenting Expert Dr. Valerie Goode says parents should encourage their kids to make New Year's resolutions.

She says talk to them about the best way to set a resolution.

Dr. Valerie Goode: "One, who do I want to be? What do I want to do differently next year? And then, what actions do I need to achieve to accomplish this?"

Dr. Val says New Year's resolutions for kids should focus on how the resolution will improve themselves, their relationship with their family and others.

Dr. Valerie Goode: "Maybe we'll be kinder to the person, to the teacher, or to a child who has no friends. Maybe we'll say to ourselves, 'I want to say hello to that child.'"

And most importantly, she says, write them down.

Dr. Valerie Goode: "Post them on your refrigerator. Make it real for yourself, and hold yourself to it as long as possible."

The twins admit to being a little nervous about leaving home next year, but Chiara says that's why another one of her resolutions is to not depend so much on her family while still staying close.

Lynn Martinez: "Dr. Val says making New Year's resolutions provides a road map for the entire year."

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