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School of Rock

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WSVN -- Remember Jack Black teaching his class how to rock out in the movie School of Rock. Well, it's the real deal right here in our own backyard.

Burny Pelsmajer: "Let's hear Fly By Night, can you do it? Oh, you need a bigger drum set for this? Awesome!"

These teens are learning to rip the guitar, jam out on drums and sing their hearts out at the School of Rock in Coral Springs, all under the guidance of music director Burny Pelsmajer who's been playing music since he was five years old.

Burny Pelsmajer: "I started on piano, then I picked up saxophone along the way."

His passion to play turned into a love of teaching kids to play instruments from guitar, to bass, to drums, but says it's much more than that.

Burny Pelsmajer: "Being able to understand, comprehend things better from learning music can not be overstated, whatever they do now or for the rest of their lives."

The school mixes musical education with hands on learning.

Richard Salit: "We have a 45 minute lesson where they learn the rudiments, musical theories, scales. Then they have a rehearsal, where they learn how to apply that, play with other kids."

It teaches them to be a team player. To work within a group and also be a leader, and why it's so important to practice, practice, practice.

Burny Pelsmajer: "If you practice, which takes less practice than you may think, you will get better."

Seventeen-year-old Josh didn't pick up a guitar until the ninth grade, but he's developed a passion for music he says helps him in his studies.

Josh Salit: "I'm not saying I have that passion for school, but when I can apply that to school, it makes it easier to study for that class."

Mekhail Cuvin: "I love it, absolutely love it."

Fourteen-year-old Mekhail isn't into the music most kids his age enjoy.

Mekhail Cuvin: "I like the Grateful Dead, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith."

Parents can appreciate the appreciation for classic rock.

Stu Schiffman, Parent: "There's nothing quite like watching your kid go up on stage and do shows. It's cool, it's fun and it's with the music you grew up loving."

Stu says his stepson has really come out of his shell since performing in front of live audiences.

Stu Schiffman: "It's just built his self-confidence and you can just see the transition in him."

Kids make friends here, but more than anything else they just wanna rock!

The teens have gigs at least one weekend a month at fairs, restaurants, all over South Florida!


School of Rock - Coral Springs7544 Wiles Road, Suite 102-CCoral Springs, FL 33067Tel: (954) 757-ROCK (7625)

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