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WSVN -- From her studies to her family to her many after-school activities, 13-year-old Maia is a very busy young lady.

Maia Suazo-Maler: "I look forward to everything every day."

Maia just started eighth grade. She's involved in student government, the school paper, the volleyball team, chorus, horseback riding and is a straight-A student. So what's her secret?

Maia Suazo-Maler: "I'm a very organized person, so I actually write out a physical schedule, and I have it in my mind or on my desk."

Maia's mom is proud of how her daughter manages her time.

Sandra Maler, Maia's mother: "She seems to a have a wonderful awareness of time, so she schedules herself accordingly so she doesn't overwhelm herself."

7's Parenting Expert Dr. Valerie Goode says, as kids grow, they begin to take on many different roles in life.

Dr. Valerie Goode: "They're a student, they're a friend, they're a family member, community member, maybe they play on a team."

But juggling so many different roles can be a very delicate balancing act.

Dr. Valerie Goode: "The only way they can do all of them in a healthy way is to start with the self and make sure they're meeting their own needs."

Dr. Val says, for your child to have balance in their life, they need to stay in shape, eat right, get enough sleep and maintain strong relationships with both friends and family.

Dr. Valerie Goode: "You also have to be a good family member, because if you're not a good family member, you can't go hang out with your friends, because you're always fighting with your family, and you're always punished."

Maia couldn't agree more on keeping her roles balanced.

Maia Suazo-Maler: "If I wasn't a good student, if I wasn't organized, then I probably wouldn't have time and always be stressing out over what happens next, and my friends probably wouldn't want to hang out with me, 'cause I'd probably bring them down."

She even went as far as to create a study guide website for her friends to help them get more organized.

Maia Suazo-Maler: "They could just read off of the website and practice and study with a friend and learn for the test and be prepared."

Her mom says, her daughter's strong sense of self keeps her in balance.

Sandra Maler: "She's a very dedicated friend. She's a dedicated student. She's a dedicated daughter."

Lynn Martinez: "Maia's next hurdle is to compete in horseback-riding competitions."


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