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WSVN -- No one likes getting shots, but we all know it's a back-to-school rite of passage.

Sisters Brittany and Jasmine have been up to date on their shots their entire lives.

Ana Jimenez, Concerned Mom: "I went along with everything, and I did give all my girls their shots, but with my son, it's different."

Ana decided not to give her 13-month-old son Jordan the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella, because she is concerned about possible side effects.

Ana Jimenez: "I feel that my level of concern is higher than the level of concern for him getting measles."

A lot of pediatricians worry more parents are feeling like Ana.

Dr. Julio Egusquiza, Palmetto General Hospital: "We're seeing more and more parents not wanting to immunize, which I think is a huge mistake."

Dr. Julio Egusquiza at Palmetto General Hospital says, immunization rates are dropping across the country, putting people at risk.

Dr. Julio Egusquiza: "We are starting to see in the United States recurrence outbreaks of measles, outbreaks of whooping cough."

7's Parenting Expert Dr. Valerie Goode says it's normal for parents to be worried about their kids getting shots, but says you have take it step by step.

Dr. Valerie Goode: "We have to look at the documentation and say, 'OK, this is what's required, this is what my doctor is saying. I go to this doctor. I trust this doctor.'"

Dr. Val says, if you are still unsure, talk to both an alternative and a traditional pediatrician about vaccines, and do your own research on possible side effects before making an informed decision.

Dr. Valerie Goode: "I want to know both sides. I want to know the extreme of both sides, so that I can make a logical decision regarding my children."

Another shot many parents are concerned about is Gardasil, the vaccine for cervical cancer. Ana says she feels comfortable about her girls getting it, and says ultimately, it should be up to the parent.

Ana Jimenez: "So let me make that decision for my child, at least up until they are school-aged, which I know what the repercussion is at that point."

For a list of scheduled Immunizations:American Academy of

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