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WSVN -- These students at Miami Dade College North Campus have set their sights high. Rafael wants a career in entertainment. Adriana is thinking about joining the military. And Sebastien wants to follow in his uncle's footsteps.

Pierre-Sebastien Beauboeuf: "I chose chemical engineering, so that's what I want to major in."

All three are working on their associate's degree, and all found a way to save money and get their degree faster. It's called the College Level Examination Program, or CLEP Test for short.

Sandra Martinez, Student Advisor, Miami Dade College North Campus: "To offer students an accelerated option for what they already know."

Sandra Martinez: "Nice to meet you, Pierre. Please have a seat."

Sandra Martinez is a student advisor. She says, the CLEP Test allows students to test out of a course they are very familiar with so they can move on to the next level.

Sandra Martinez: "The best suited student is that student that is extremely proficient and a master in that subject area."

Sebastien and Rafael are international students. Sebastien is from Haiti and speaks French fluently. He decided to CLEP out of French 1.

Pierre-Sebastien Beauboeuf: "They told me, I could go faster, I could graduate faster if I CLEP some of my classes."

Rafael is from Venezuela. He is thinking about CLEP-ing out of Introductory Spanish, which would allow him to move directly to Advanced Spanish.

Rafael Brazon: "I don't have to spend two classes, like two semesters, on taking a class I already know."

Sandra says, while taking CLEP Tests can speed up the path to a degree, students should keep in mind: if they are going on to get their bachelor's degree, they need to confirm the school they transfer to will accept the CLEP credit. Students also need to realize there is no grade assigned to the CLEP Test, so it will not count towards your GPA. And maybe most importantly...

Sandra Martinez: "They miss out on the true educational experience of a traditional classroom."

Adriana Alvarez: "Hi, I would like to register for the CLEP Test."

Adriana CLEP-ed out of Introductory Spanish.

Adriana Alvarez: "Spanish is my second language. It comes natural to me. I just chose, why not use the knowledge that I have to excel myself and my education."

She passed the test. Her advice to other students planning to take it: be confident.

Adriana Alvarez: "Taking the CLEP was the best decision I made."

Lynn Martinez: "Another benefit to CLEP-ing out: it's less expensive than paying for the entire course. You can CLEP out of everything from history to science to math. But students should talk to their advisor first before making that decision."

FOR MORE INFORMATION:Tel: (305) For information about the College-Level Examination Program, visit

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