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Apps for Exercise

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WSVN -- Luis "Trikz" da Silva is known for his crazy brand of street basketball. He travels around the world performing.

Luis "Trikz" da Silva: "Five different continents and over 40 countries."

Doing commercials, video games, films, and now, iPhone apps designed to get kids moving.

Luis "Trikz" da Silva: "I figured, what was a good way to actually get a DVD out but in a device where kids can go outside and actually view it?"

And they might learn a few tricks while they're at it.

Luis "Trikz" da Silva: "Fitness in a different way, in a fun way. Kids can actually mimic some of the tricks and also burn some calories while they're outside."

The app has about 40 minutes of instructions. The cost: $3.

Luis "Trikz" da Silva: "Spider dribble. Two in the front, two in the back."

Luis knows all about why it's important for kids to exercise.

Luis "Trikz" da Silva: "I grew up, I was an overweight child. It was tough for me. I used to get picked on a lot."

He found basketball burned calories, and doing tricks helped him build eye-hand coordination. He says, anyone can learn how.

Andy Sarmiento: "Kids nowadays, they play more video games than going outside, so a game like this will help them stay fit."

All it takes is the right instruction...

Luis "Trikz" da Silva: "Fingertip control. Remember!"

And lots of practice.

Carolina Lopez: "I think they're pretty cool, since kids use iPods a lot now. We can learn from looking at their apps."

When it comes to keeping kids fit, parents say, the apps idea is a slam dunk.

Cynthia Pyles, Basketball Coach: "He's trying to get them moving, keep them healthy, get them into that lifestyle where maybe they can take that into adulthood."

Luis "Trikz" da Silva: "Roll the ball to the other arm. Roll the ball to the other arm."

Taking the game from couch to court.

Frank Sarmiento: "It's so much better to actually play the game than actually play it on video games."

Kids learning how to have high-energy fun, right at their fingertips.


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