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Save The Birds

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WSVN -- The images are shocking birds struggling to breath covered in thick oil.

Astrid Garcia: "He saw one of the pelicans on TV full of oil and he got really, really upset."

Six-year-old Oskar Garcia loves birds.

Oskar Garcia: "These are parrots theyr'e one of the birds that live the longest."

And despite his young age, he knows lots about them.

Oskar Garcia: "Some of my favorites are the Water Birds. They're one of the birds with the biggest wingspans in the world."

So you can imagine Oskar's reaction when he saw pictures like these on the news, showing birds suffering covered in oil in the Gulf.

Astrid Garcia: "We explained that you know people are trying to save them. Everybody's doing everything they possibly can for the oil spill, and that you can actually wash the birds with dishwashing detergent."

Oskar didn't waste any time. He started collecting Dawn dishwashing detergent. He got his kindergarten teacher and classmates at Sagemont School in Weston to help.

Vickie Stofsky: "Here in class we collected about I'd say 50 or 60 bottles and then Oskar took that to his friends and family outside of school and altogether he got 169 bottles."

Animal rescue groups use Dawn because it cleans the oil off birds' feathers and doesn't irritate their skin.

Oskar Garcia: "Sometimes they dive into the water to catch fish, and then they get all covered in oil. The dawn would take off the oil."

Oskar and his family and friends recently took the Dawn to a seabird sanctuary in Tampa so they'll be ready if the oil washes up there.

Oskar Garcia: "We had to take the bottles out of our wagon and put them in little bins."

2,000 birds and Oskar's not finished yet.

Astrid Garcia: "He wants to go to all the neighbors and put little fliers in their mailboxes, and he wants to collect their old towels because the birds will be cold after they wash them."

Little ones learning that no matter what their age is, they can make a difference, one bird at a time.


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International Bird Rescue Research Center

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