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Independent Learning

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WSVN -- Brittany Tavares is a freshman at Broward College. She considers that amazing, since learning did not come easy for her.

Brittany Tavares: "It would always take me forever to do homework, and I was having problems in math."

But she decided to get help from Huntington Learning Center. She works with a tutor on strengthening basic math and reading skills, so she can work problems out on her own.

It is called independent learning, and it is the key to success in school.

Robert Harms, Huntington Learning Center: "An independent learner is someone who can get started with their work, do what they need to do, identify when they're having trouble, be able to go to someone that can give them that help."

Independent learning usually begins when a child learns to read, and parents can help their kids develop good skills by following some easy steps.

First, discuss assignments with your child, making sure they understand what they have to do. You can also help by teaching them to be resourceful, so if they don't know how to spell a word, show them how to look it up. And always encourage kids to try to work it out for themselves before asking for help.

Patricia Sedano, Huntington Learning Center: "Parents need to be involved in insuring that kids complete their work, checking their work, but they should not have to sit with the child in order for the child to do their work."

And experts say, getting help for your kids early is critical.

Patricia Sedano: "Look at what's happening in your child's life and address it at that moment. There's no reason why any of our children should feel they can't do anything in this life."

Dr. Moises Issa realized his kids were struggling with their homework.

Dr. Moises Issa: "Everything was an excuse, 'I couldn't do this, because I couldn't find it,' or, 'I just didn't know how to do it.'"

He got them signed up with tutors, and now, they're working lessons out on their own.

Dr. Moises Issa: "In the last year or so, I see the change where they're looking things up, looking at the sources and problem solving."

Staying on task and finishing homework also means more time for kids to do the things they enjoy.


How to Help Your Child Become an Independent Learner

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