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Children's Book on Divorce

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WSVN -- Eva Martinez reads: "Hi, my name is Eva, and I live in two houses."

Eva and her mom Martha are reading a very special book.

Eva Martinez reads: "At my mom's house, I run around the big trees and play on the grass. At my dad's house, I swim in a big pool."

The book is called "Eva's Two Houses," written by Martha to help Eva through her parent's divorce.

Martha Sierra Martinez, Author: "I had an idea, and I did it in one day. I did it on the computer. Tate Publishing helped me through the whole process, and here we are."

Eva's book is written for young children. It takes a traumatizing experience, and, through a kid's eyes, points out the good things that can come out of a divorce.

Martha Sierra Martinez: "I'm like, let's look at it this way: you have one bedroom here with toys, you have another bedroom there with toys. Over there you have a pool, you have a backyard here. So I was trying to show her there's two of everything and how lucky are you that you have two."

Experts like Dr. Valerie Goode say books like this one can help parents explain a difficult subject.

Dr. Valerie Goode: "Sometimes, parents don't have the words to go along with what's going on with themselves. They're still working out their own emotions. So there are the words written down in the book, so the book is very helpful in terms for sharing feelings that they don't have words yet to share."

Dr. Val says to be honest with kids about divorce, make sure they understand it's not their fault and to always emphasize the positive.

Dr. Valerie Goode: "Mommy and Daddy won't be fighting anymore. That's nice. That's a good thing. They'll get along better. We'll have two houses. It's important to look at the whole picture and not just the downside of divorce."

Eva Martinez: "Good boy!"

Now, Eva loves her two houses and the fact that her mom wrote the book just for her.

Eva Martinez: "The book helped me understand that I can go through with it, and it's not bad because I'd rather my parents be happy than fighting all the time."

Both she and Martha hope the book can help other families.

Eva Martinez reads: "Both houses are different in size and shape, but best of all, no matter how big or small, I have a mom and dad who love me above all."


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