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WSVN -- Hannah and Sadie are sharing the computer. Mom Cheryl says it's something the sisters really had to work at.

Cheryl Rosenberg: "They have a very hard time who gets to use it and who's not using it."

Lola and Jacob have their moments too, especially when it comes to sharing DVDs.

Lezlie Brezin: "It's an ongoing struggle with them wanting what they want and wanting what they want first. Both my husband and I have difficulties dealing with it."

Dr. Val says teaching kids to share is a process that requires patience.

Dr. Val: "My chair, my mommy, my daddy, my doggie all of that is normal age appropriate behavior. It doesn't mean they're going to be a selfish person for the rest of their lives."

Dr. Val says parents should make house rules for sharing like setting time limits for things like computer or TV. Recognize and praise kids who are sharing well and teach by example when ever possible.

Seventeen month old Ella is learning to share snacks with her mom.

Allison Kaufman: "We'll share it so she's kind of getting the concept of sharing from what I'm doing."

That lays the foundation for good sharing habits.

Dr. Val: "What the parent needs to do is share and look for every opportunity to share with that child from the day it's born."

But parents should also remember that kids shouldn't be expected to share everything. Hannah's snow globe collection is fragile. Now, when the kids have company, they put them away to avoid temptation.

Cheryl Rosenberg: "It's been a great solution, so she can show them to them and that's it they don't play with them."

Most experts agree sharing is an important socialization skill and a work in progress that lasts throughout childhood.


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