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WSVN -- Elena Brouwer is doing what she does best, teaching young girls etiquette.

Elena Brouwer, International Etiquette Center: "The correct way to handle your silverware is to use your index finger on the back of the fork and the top of the knife and we cut one or two pieces only."

These classes cover everything from silverware to penning the perfect thank you note.

Fabiola: "Dear Mom, thank you for my new shoes."

Elena Brouwer says old school graces are more important now than ever.

Elena Brouwer: "They desperately need to have etiquette classes because in the business world it doesn't run unless you have good manners and they find that out when they're out there in the business world, so what they didn't learn as children then they have to learn as adults."

Classes run once a week for six weeks, and cover public speaking and interview skills, making conversation and proper introductions.

Rebecca Potter: "Hi, I'm Rebecca Potter, nice to meet you."

Olamide Oyadiran, Etiquette Student: "My favorite thing in this class is the handshake because I learned how to do it the correct way, because at first I would do it sloppy."

Elena Brouwer: "So now we're going to learn the Merengue, OK?"

And of course you can't finish finishing school without learning how to dance with a boy!

Elena Brouwer: "Step-step- step, now the other way, step."

Getting them off on the right foot for all social occasions.

Skylar Stein, Etiquette Student: "I think it's important because when you're this age and you're going to more things, so when you're going there you have to have the proper manners."

And these teachers hope they are lessons that will last a lifetime.

Elena Brouwer: "If we teach the children how to do it well, then they're going to continue to do that. These are habits that are going to be for a lifetime."

Skylar Stein: "Dear Ms. Brouwer, thank you so much for teaching me manners and the proper way to set a table. Now I feel confident that I could do anything. Thank you so much. Love, Skylar."

There are also advanced etiquette classes.


International Etiquette Centre

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