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WSVN -- These kids are learning about abstract art through a hands-on program called Abrakadoodle.

Bianca Recio-Martinez, Abrakadoodle Greater Miami: "Our focus is on working with children as young as 20 months of age to 12 years of age and basically igniting an interest in the arts for them."

Kids learn about artists, art styles and techniques.

Blanca Recio-Martinez: "We've found that, even academically, children who are involved in the arts since a very young age tend to do much better. There have been national studies that have proven that they do better in standardized testing, they do better socially as well."

For the kids, it's just plain fun. They get to create their own paintings of famous works by artists like Pablo Picasso and Georgia O'Keefe.

Teacher: "Whatever you're feeling inside, you can reflect onto your piece of artwork."

Today's artist? Vasilly Kandinsky, known as the father of modern abstract art.

Roberto Alonso, Art Student: "I'm painting with aquamarine blue, and it makes me feel happy."

Fiorella Vasquez, Art Student: "What I like best about this artist is that you can actually express your feeling while you're drawing your circles."

Parents like seeing kids get involved in the creative process.

Jenny Vargas: "Finding programs like this helps them explore what's going on around the world, and, believe it or not, even though they're very young, they do learn a lot."

Important lessons learned from the masters of art, and, who knows, the next Van Gough could be right under our noses.

The experts say parents should always have art materials on hand at home to stimulate creativity and learning.



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