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Getting Kids to Read

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WSVN -- Roxanne Elden teaches English and creative writing at Hialeah High School.

Roxanne Elden: "Who here has a favorite book that, right off the top of their head, they know is their favorite book?"

She says her students like to read if they can tear themselves away from technology.

Roxanne Elden: "Even in class we're constantly battling the text messages and cell phones, so I can only imagine if they go home how many distractions they have."

It's a battle all parents fight.

Augustin Navoa: "I like being on MySpace, Facebook. My friends will be texting me, 'Hey, where are you? Let's talk.'"

Irania Pino: "I get distracted by the TV."

Even with little ones: Mom Jenni says she reads to her kids everyday, no matter what's going on.

Jenni Person: "Even if they're sort of doing something on the periphery, if you're reading, and they've gone to look at some toy, they're still listening."

Experts say the love of reading begins at home, so, parents, start reading to your kids early.

Always have age-appropriate books on hand that interest your kids. Try to get your kids into a book series because kids like characters they know, and encourage all reading, including magazines.

Roxanne says another good trick, if there's a movie about a book you're kids are reading, get it.

Roxanne Elden: "We show the kids that someone else had a different interpretation than they did, and it lets them clear up some things they may not have understood."

Roxanne says, above all else, make reading fun.

Roxanne Elden: "We want to make reading less of a chore and more encourage the kids to pick out the books that really interest them."

Lynn Martinez: "Roxanne isn't just a teacher, she's an author. Her book will debut at the Miami Book Fair, which starts Nov. 8. It's also a great place to get kids interested in reading."


Miami Book Fair

Getting Kids to Read

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