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Halloween Safety

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WSVN -- Kids look forward to Halloween all year long so do parents.

Julie Greenseid: "The excitement of my son trick or treating, cause that makes him happy."

What makes parents happy is keeping kids safe. Moms Julie and Cheryl choose fire-safe costumes, and instead of masks that can block kids' vision, they use makeup to make sure the kids can see, and they make sure shoes are comfy.

Cheryl Simmons: "My daughter might want to wear high heels with her costume because that's what the picture on the package shows, but I'm not going to let her. She's going to trick or treat in sneakers cause she's going to trip, she's going to fall, and it's not going to be a fun night anymore."

Costume stores like Party City are scaring up all kinds of ghoulish gear. These days, they tell parents, if it glows, it goes with any costume.

Glow in the dark treat buckets, reflective decals, flashlights and safety flashers too.

Guellermo Asca: "I think they're thinking safety, that's why my associates are trained to sell the safety accessories, to make Halloween nice and fun for everybody."

Emergency rooms are usually busy on Halloween night. The number one culprit for children: candy, but it's not just about eating too much, small pieces can end up in little ears and noses, and they can be choking hazards.

Doctors say parents should go through all the candy before the kids get to dig in.

Dr. Mittal: "Have the kids bring the candies back home. They should not eat the candies outside the house because parents should know what a child is eating."

And of course, keep an eye out for candy that could have been tampered with.

These parents say a little extra care is worth the effort.

Julie Greenseid: "The kids' safety is the most important thing. I think just having them out there and having fun but asking, making sure they're safe while having fun."

Lynn Martinez: " I you are a pet parent, make sure you keep them separate from the trick or treaters. They can get scared by the costumes and bite someone. Also, you want to make sure they can't get into the chocolate since it's poisonous for dogs."


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