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Baby Goes to the Dentist

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WSVN -- Two-year-old Mandi is at the dentist for a checkup. Five-month-old Rya is also here for a checkup. They may seem young, but Dr. Xavier Azar says it's never too early to take care of young teeth.

Dr. Xavier Azar: "Even before you get the first tooth, breast feeding, bottle feeding, oral hygiene, pacifiers, there's a lot of issues even before the teeth erupt that you need to start addressing."

Tooth care begins even before baby's first tooth comes in. Dentists say parents should clean baby's gums daily with a clean cloth and water. When the first tooth comes in, use a soft tooth brush with a dab of fluoride toothpaste twice a day, and see your dentist when the first tooth comes in.

Rya's mom learned that the hard way, when her older daughter Ava developed a cavity at age three. She didn't want the same thing to happen to Rya.

Michelle Rydalch: "I figured, well, I'll just bring her in, have them take a look and start a little bit earlier this time."

And it's not just food and rotten teeth you have to worry about with children.

Michelle Rydalch: "She does use the pacifier a lot."

Mandi has an open bite, which is being made worse by sucking on her pacifiers, so they've got to go.

Dr. Xavier Azar: "Give me a five, give me a five. Good job."

It's all about keeping young teeth as healthy as possible, and for kids, that's almost as good as a trip to the treasure chest.


Dr. Valerie Goode


American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

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