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WSVN -- The Theodoropoulos family is counting the days until their second child arrives.

Today, they're stopping by Mother's Care in Fort Lauderdale to check in with their Doula.

"Doula" is an ancient Greek word meaning, one who serves. Modern day Doulas are trained professionals who serve up special non-medical care to moms.

Roseanne Errante will be in charge of mothering mom-to-be Zelia when she goes into labor.

Roseanne Errante: "To be at the side of the mom-to, encourage them and uplift them and create an atmosphere of calmness."

This is the second time Zelia has had a Doula in the delivery room, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Zelia Theodoreopolous: "The focus is completely on you psychologically, spiritually, emotionally, and that is extremely important when you're trying to bring a new life into the world."

There are two types of Doula, birth Doulas assist a family through pregnancy, labor and birth. Post partum Doula's help care for mom and baby after they come home from the hospital.

Marlo: "It's really nice for a woman and her partner to have a trained person come in and just really care for them."

Christine and Julie Strait also had a Doula attend the birth of their son Zane.

Julie Strait: "Neither of us had ever been to a birth or experienced anything like it, so to know that we had somebody there was just, in itself, it was calming."

Gloria Bauta was assigned to the Straits when they were six months pregnant.

Gloria Bauta: I was with them the day they went into labor, and I supported them in the hospital through massage, relaxation techniques, aromatherapy."

Both Julie and Chris say birth was easier because of their Doula.

Chris Strait: "It was so helpful. I think it would benefit hospitals to really have a Doula on staff-- that's how much it would help."

Zelia Theodoreopolous: "The birth went by faster than I expected it to, and it was all because of the calming techniques that the Doula was helping me with."

For these women, being a Doula isn't a job, it's a calling.

Gloria Bauta: "Being able to support people through such an intense and miraculous period of their life, I just find it emotionally and physically and spiritually fulfilling."

Lynn Martinez: "After we did her interview, Zelia gave birth on July 13th to a healthy baby girl. Her Doula was there and everything went so well, she didn't even need medication during birth."



Mother's Care Doula Services,

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