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Keep Kids Safe

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WSVN -- Austin Johnson: "This is our vehicle after impact."

Ten-year-old Austin Johnson is lucky to be alive.

Austin Johnson: "I was real scared."

On Christmas Day, a trip with his mom to his great grandparents' house was cut short.

Austin Johnson: "I saw the 18-wheeler coming."

The Johnsons' car was crushed.

Austin Johnson: "My leg was just pounding, and it felt like it was about to explode."

Austin survived, but too often, that's not the case. Preventable accidents account for 40 percent of child deaths in the U.S.

Dr. Preeti Jois-Bilowich: "When we do see these accidents occurring, they're usually in clusters, related through summer travel, holiday travel."

Traffic injuries top the list of deadly accidents involving kids, followed by drowning and burns. Most of the time, protecting your child starts at home.

For 14-month-old Brendan Green, it took just a few seconds to get hurt. A cup of hot water scalded 13 percent of his body.

Meg Green: "I mean, it's purely an accident, and I think we all understand that, but I just couldn't believe that he was in that much pain, and there was nothing that I could do for him."

What can parents do? Start with safeguarding the house. Get on your hands and knees to look for anything that can get kids into trouble.

Put safety plugs in electrical outlets. Turn handles on pans in while cooking. Put a safety fence around pools, and prepare yourself to treat injuries.

Dr. Preeti Jois-Bilowich: "Every parent, once they have a child or even preparing to have a child, should undergo some type of basic life support or CPR training."

Training that could save a life and help keep kids safe.

Lynn Martinez: "The Red Cross runs programs in CPR and first aid here in South Florida."



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