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Secret Texting Language

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WSVN -- A Wyoming teenager was sending 700 text messages in a day.

Dena Christoffersen: "So I texted a whole bunch of people at the same time."

And teens have a shorthand language they use to make text messages go faster.

Roxana Haghayegh: "I put LOL a lot or IDR, 'I Don't Remember,' or IDC 'I Don't Care.'"

Experts say there are hundreds of text shorthand. Take a look:

Nicole Kattoura: "It's an easier way of writing. Like if I wasn't so lazy, I'd just write it out."

But it's not just something to LOL or "Laugh Out Loud" about. Some of the cryptic codes are designed to keep parents OOTL, "Out Of The Loop."

Sofia Ambra: "Sometimes parents get a little nosey about what we're texting because, yeah, it can be kind of suspicious and if we use the little shorthand text, they can't read it, and they don't understand it."

So take a test with us, do you know what BRT means? "Be Right There." That one's harmless, but here are some terms a parent should look for:

-B-9 means "Get High."

-LHS is text shorthand for "Let's Have Sex."

-GYPO means "Get Your Pants Off."

... and that's just the stuff we can say on TV.

Carlina Kattoura: "It does concern me because they're teenagers. Now they like to keep a lot of secrets from their parents, so that's my concern, that sometimes it can get out of hand."

Dr. Val says parents should be concerned and nosey.

Dr. Valerie Goode: "Bottom line, you have to monitor what your child is doing."

To keep up, parents need to GWTP, "Get With The Program."

Dr. Valerie Goode: "You can go online yourself and type in 'texting shorthand,' and there's a whole dictionary that comes up, and you can figure out everything that your child is saying."

Keep in mind, kids like having their privacy, but even they admit it can get out of hand.

Roxana Haghayegh: "A guy and a girl will talk about doing something. They'll say what they want to do like through a text, and it's not that great cause they say it with details, and it's just weird."

So, parents, if you want the honest 411, "Information," stay informed, and talk to your kids. Hopefully, that will keep them OOT, "Out Of Trouble."


Dr. Valerie


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