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Mom Support Group

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WSVN -- Thursday afternoon is time for members of the Bell Meade baby club to get together. Oliver, Joaquin and Ethan are ready for action.

Mom Laura Wides-Munoz started the group in her neighborhood when Joaquin was just six weeks old.

Laura Wides-Munoz: "I started accosting other moms on the street saying, 'You want to be in a Mom's group?' and they didn't think I was completely insane, and so we got together."

Now they meet once a week for a little baby bonding to chat about everything from baby blues to sleep deprivation.

Robyn Rice: "Sleep training has been a common theme in our group and talking with each other, and every child is different. We're just trying to figure that out."

The experts say, there are a lot of benefits to support groups. For moms, it's an important time to confide in each other, share ideas, vent frustrations and compare notes about baby's growth and development.

Maday Rodriguez: "Questions about when do you have solid foods? When is it OK? Teething? How is that? How do I deal with teething?"

And for baby, time together is important for learning social skills and even at this tender age making friends.

Robyn Rice: "He's excited when he sees his new friends, and now they're getting a little older, so they are definitely interacting more."

So if you have a bun in the oven or a young one at home, these moms say don't be afraid to reach out to others in your neighborhood.

Robyn Rice: "It's been a wonderful source of support and just new friendships that are forming with us and our kids, and so it's been a really nice, wonderful thing."


Dr. Valerie Goode

South Florida Parents Support Groups

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