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The Zoo Club

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WSVN -- Gypsy is a 5-month-old leopard with a bit of an attitude, but these kids take it all in stride because they're members of Miami Country Day's Zoo Club.

Cathy Moghari, the Zoo Club: "I need everyone to stay still while I'm holding her, OK?"

Every Friday, kids at the school take a walk on the wild side with animals provided by the Zoological Wildlife Foundation.

Kyle Grossman: "I think it's really cool, cause, like you think that you're in a zoo but you're not really, you're in your school."

Cathy Moghari: "Sativa is a white-handed gibbon, also called a Lar Gibbon."

Parent volunteer Cathy Moghari helped bring the Zoo Club program to Country Day. She makes sure the kids get a one-of-a-kind hands-on experience, learning things like what countries the animals are from, all about their diet and habitat and why they're endangered.

Cathy Moghari: "Is it loss of habitat, or is it that they're being killed for the pelts? Whatever it may be, and we don't sugarcoat it for the kids, we tell them the truth, and we talk about writing petitions and contacting people in government. If you don't like something you should speak up."

Today, Gypsy is joined by Sativa the gibbon, and her best friend Napoleon-- a French bulldog. Believe it or not, these two are inseparable.

Aaron Dillworth: "They share their toys, and they sleep in the same bed, and that's it."

Definitely not something you see everyday.

Neither is a white-handed gibbon who likes to suck her thumb. How cute.

Tyler Grossman: "The fur felt really soft, and I didn't think it would be like that."

Kyle Grossman: "A tiny little face like this big, like..."

The Zoo Club was founded this year and has featured a baby Bengal tiger, Arctic wolf cubs, a Nile crocodile and many more.

Maria Tabraue, Zoological Wildlife Foundation: "Being able to touch it, being able to ask questions, it's just there are no words to express that. I love it and wish I could do it everyday."

The kids love it too and are already clamoring to bring the club back next year.

Cathy is all for it.

Cathy Moghari: "I love animals, and I love kids and probably I'm having the most fun of all. I've got the best of both worlds with me, and it's for an hour every Friday, and we're having a blast!"


Dr. Valerie

The Zoological Wildlife Foundation

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