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Older Moms

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WSVN -- Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman, just a couple of high profile celebrities who became moms in their 40s.

Older moms are more common, but many still feel singled out.

Susan Wolpow, psychotherapist: "Somehow, even though there's a lot more women, many women feel like they are the only ones."

Mia Klein knows that feeling all too well.

Mia Klein: "I realized how old I was in the maternity ward when they asked me if I was a grandmother to one of the kids."

Mia had her third son at 40. She cherishes every minute but admits it can be draining.

Mia Klein: "It's not easy sometimes getting the energy, you know. That's why I like caffeine. I do very well with it."

Older mom Susan Wolpow is a psychotherapist. She decided to start her own support group for moms in their 40s.

Susan Wolpow: "I think, often times, your peers and family and friends are at a different stage. They either had kids earlier or don't have kids, and so you really need to start networking."

The moms meet to share advice and problem-solving ideas, which is great for new moms like Melissa.

Melissa Lynch: "There are several women who have older children than I do, and it's nice to get a perspective from someone who's been there once or twice."

Older moms say seeking out someone in your situation just so you have someone else to talk to can make all the difference.


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