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WSVN -- Keri Cohen is busy, running around in her sweats with her kids.But the 35-year-old mom says she always makes time to take care of her skin.Keri Cohen, 35 years old: "I'm always looking for new products. Any time something new comes out, I'm on it."Problem is , what works for some women does not always work for her.Keri Cohen, 35 years old: "She has different skin, she might be dry, she might be oily. I'm the opposite. It doesn't always work. It's not for the same person."So Kerri decided to skip the one-stop shopping and try Dermagenetics, a skin care line based on your DNA.Dr. David Blyweiss, Sanctuary Medical Center: "Dermagenetics is a groundbreaking skin care line. They realized if you could look below the skin and find out genetically how you are different from somebody else, then they could help you repair your skin."The testing is simple. They swab your cheek to get your DNA, and then the sample is sent off to a lab.Dr. David Blyweiss, Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center: "This is more or less a genetic GPS. We're going to a cellular level, we're getting down to a genetic level."In the lab, they are looking for six genes which impact your skin's health.Dr. David Blyweiss, Sanctuary Medical Center: "Genetic variation plays a role in how prone your skin is to wrinkles, fine lines, collagen production, oxidative stress."Once they have your genetic map, they create a specific skin care line just for you.Dr. David Blyweiss, Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center: "This is as accurate as your DNA can be. It's the product that your DNA is saying will work for you, but not someone else.Keri is hoping the custom-made products will help her tackle some of her skin's biggest problems.Keri Cohen, 35 years old: "Fine lines would slowly disappear, the hyper-pigmentation would also be gone. I would love more of a moisturized feeling. I want a glow."Diana Diaz: "Doctors will also assess your skin for current problems, like break-outs or excessive dryness to help tweak your skin care line. But be warned: It's expensive, $750 for the testing and a six-month supply of the products."FOR MORE INFORMATION:Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center4800 N. Federal Highway, C100 in the Sanctuary CentreBoca

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