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Neck in Check

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WSVN -- Alan Philipson's body has taken a beating over the last two decades. From body building to playing football at FSU, the 40-year-old has suffered from neck pain for years.

Alan Philipson: "As I'm getting on in age, I feel the effects."

When he couldn't find anything on the market to help his neck, he decided to invent something after years of failed attempts Alan finally had his eureka moment and created this device he calls the Cervifit.

Alan Philipson: "It's a workout device for your neck."

You simply put on the weighted device, lie down and start exercising your neck.

Alan Philipson: "Just like you would do a sit-up with your abs, you would be doing a sit-up with your neck. It conditions the front of the neck using light resistance."

The idea: It strengthens the neck muscles to help with posture and to prevent future injuries.

Alan Philipson: "The benefits of Cervifit is that it's going to improve the range of motion, it's going to reduce pain in the neck."

Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg: "Why wait until the problem happens. We use weights to build up our thigh muscles, our core ab strength. This is good for building your core neck muscles."

Hollywood Neurologist Jeffrey Steinberg has been using the device and in the future he hopes to help his patients prevent and recover from injuries like whiplash.

Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg: "I think it is something worthwhile to use. We don't have anything to help build up our neck muscles."

It's already helping Israel Gottfried. The 30-year-old was injured in a bad car accident a few years ago.

Israel Gottfried: "Two of my discs are just completely destroyed. I couldn't turn my neck like I used to."

He's having neck surgery next month so he started using the Cervifit to get his neck in shape.

Israel Gottfried: "After the first seven to ten days I felt it instantly. You feel those muscles in that area strengthening. The most important is the mobility in my neck, where I can literally turn my neck way more than before."

Alan is now waiting for FDA approval and is hopeful he can help others get their neck in check.

Alan Philipson: "It's about what the device can do, how it can help people, and making people feel better"

Alan hopes to have FDA approval for the medical device by the end of the year. It will be made here in Florida.


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