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Fight the Bite

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WSVN -- Carlos Diaz and his baby brother Juan are a working team.

They go all over South Florida fixing something we all need and want: air conditioning units.

Carlos Diaz, Air Conditioning Technician: "AC is very important to South Florida. A person can't go without AC."

The duo spends a lot of time outside, and their job is often made harder by buzzing predators.

Carlos Diaz, Air Conditioning Technician: "With the outdoors obviously comes the mosquitoes and bugs. Every day, I get bit by mosquitoes, sometimes even bees."

Once bitten, we all know what happens next: The itching and scratching begins.

Carlos Diaz, Air Conditioning Technician: "You scratch, and then it turns into a scab. It can turn ugly very quickly, especially if there is more than one bite."

Recently, Carlos heard about a new product called Therapik, a small, hand-held device FDA-approved to stop the pain, itching and swelling from bites and stings.

Carlos Diaz, Air Conditioning Technician: "I was a little bit skeptical, but once I tried it on the job, it was a game changer."

Therapik works on the principal of heat, since heat is known to be a pain soother.

You simply hold the device on the bite for about 30 seconds.

Ira Carlin, Therapik: "The heat penetrates your skin, and what it does, it interacts with the proteins that are in the saliva of a mosquito bite or venom of a bee sting. It denaturalizes the protein, breaks it down so that it doesn't cause your skin to release a histamine. which makes you itch. So you stop itching."

It's supposed to reduce the healing time.

Ira Carlin, Therapik: "Because the welts don't come up, and you don't continue to scratch and create more of a problem."

And it works on all kinds of bites and stings.

Ira Carlin, Therapik: "You can use it on mosquito bites, you can use it on wasps, hornets, black flies, horse flies, chiggers, nettles, even jellyfish."

Carlos now carries the sting reliever on every work call.

Carlos Diaz, Air Conditioning Technician: "Usually when I get bit, you're scratching until it's red and irritated. Now with the Therapik, I do it and 30 seconds later, it's like it never happened."

Mike Marza: "Therapik costs $12.95 and runs on batteries."

FOR MORE INFORMATION:MorePower2U4638 N. Hiatus Rd., Sunrise, Florida 33351 (954) 578-6909

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