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Pilates & Pregnancy

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WSVN -- These women are getting a great workout, but what's different is they're also pregnant. This will be Dana's first baby.

Dana Jofre: "We were married a year ago my husband and I, and so this is just perfect timing and such a blessing and we're so excited."

Ana's expecting her third boy. This time has been a little different.

Ana Dossan Doslara: "At the beginning I started having some back pain."

Both came to pilates one for the baby mama class. Instructor Jeannine Bergmann says pilates is great during pregnancy because it's non-impact and focuses on the muscles you need when it comes time to push.

Jeannine Bergmann: "It strengthens your core, your back and your pelvic floor muscles."

Pilates uses resistance to build strength holding a flexible ring between the ankles gives the inner thighs a good workout. The plank position can also help in the delivery room.

Jeannine Bergmann: "This is going to help the upper abs and and this is definitely going to strengthen the lower back, and that's going to help you with labor."

Pilates also involves a lot of stretching which helps ease back pain. Doctors say just be careful not to overdo it.

Dr. Anna Suarez-Davis: "The joints are a little more relaxed in pregnancy and that's an area where they want to be more careful."

But add getting exercise every day is important.

Dr. Anna Suarez-Davis: "The key thing is to maintain the same level of exercise activity that patients have had prior to getting pregnant."

Both women say for them pilates was perfect during pregnancy.

Ana Dossan Doslara: "Physically I can see the difference, my back pain went away."

Dana Jofre: "By keeping my energy up, and keeping my muscles limber, and my flexibility it's really been a tremendous help."

Christine Cruz: "Jeannine recommends pregnant women do pilates two or three times a week, but always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program."


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