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Mother's Miracle

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WSVN -- Today Sandra Lopez couldn't be more thankful for her beautiful family. She was three months pregnant with her son when something went very wrong.

Sandra Lopez: "I was standing next to the bed and and I fell, and I lost feeling on my right side."

Sandra suffered a stroke leaving her completely paralyzed on her right side.

Sandra Lopez: "I couldn't separate one finger from the other, or lift my arm or my leg."

Not only was sandra's life in danger, so was her baby's.

Dr. Kak-Chen Chan: "The blood clot could actually lodge itself in the blood supply to the placenta."

Cutting off nutrients to the growing fetus. Fortunately, doctors were able to dissolve the clot and stabilize her. But sandra still had an uphill battle to go.

Amparo Schuck: "There was no muscle tone at all on the right side of her body, she couldn't move her arm, she couldn't move her leg."

Therapists at Memorial Regional Hospital South had to teach Sandra how to do the most basic of tasks.

Amparo Schuck: "She wasn't able to get dressed or bathe herself, or brush her own teeth."

What made it even more challenging Sandra was their first stroke patient who was also pregnant.

Amparo Schuck: "The most important thing to her was that she would make it through the pregnancy OK."

She learned how to walk again pick up items and lift her arm.

Sandra Lopez: "She wants me to lift my arm, I mean I couldn't even feel my arm, much less move my fingers."

But after six long months Sandra got stronger and gave birth to her son Gabriel now almost three.

She can't believe how far she's come, truly a mother's miracle.

Sandra Lopez: "Now when I talk about it, it's like it happened to somebody else, it's somebody else's story I'm telling."

Turns out Sandra was born with a condition that put her at risk of a stroke. Doctors say it's very rare.


Rehabilitation Institute of South

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