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Pillow Talk

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WSVN -- Thanks to aging and a lot of time in the sun we all get brown spots and wrinkles, and as much as we ladies try to keep our faces young, our chests can be a dead giveaway to our real age.

Amy Baxter: "Over timecas you age, if you sleep on your side, your chest wrinkles become very prominent."

44-year-old Amy Baxter says she has a lot of sun damage on her chest, and she believes the way she sleeps makes it worse.

Amy Baxter: "I would wake up with a bunch of wrinkles all the way down my chest. Creams didn't work, nothing worked."

After searching online she found an invention created by a cosmetic nurse she thought might work.

It's a silk pillow called Intimia which you wear while you sleep. The idea: It's supposed to prevent new wrinkles from forming in the cleavage area by keeping breasts separated during sleep.

Amy Baxter: "Think about it, it's common sense. If you separate your breasts your skin won't fold together and you wont get wrinkles."

Although it may look a little strange, Amy claims the pillow is comfortable to wear but she does hide her beauty secret from her boyfriend.

Amy Baxter: "I sneak it on after he goes to sleep, and I sneak it off before he wakes up."

Dermatologists we talked to wouldn't endorse the product but say it's worth a try.

Donna Bilu Martin-Board Certified Dermatologist: "I don't think it can hurt to sleep with the pillow. If you have deep wrinkles you're going to have do more invasive things. Prescription medicines, like retinoids, lasers and fillers."

For now, Amy believes the pillow has done magic for her chest wrinkles.

Amy Baxter: "I've been using it for six months when I sleep with the pillow on, no wrinkles."

It's pillow talk she's passing along to all her friends.

Amy Baxter: "Definitely it works, it's not a gimmick."

Lynn Martinez: "The pillow costs about $59 and can be bought online. The makers of Intimia say it can also help reduce breast discomfort for women who have gone through breast cancer surgeries."


http://intimia.com/ Email at: info@intimia.com






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