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Boo-Boo Breakthrough

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WSVN -- Delray mom Liz Bold has a household of active kids, who get into everything possible.

Liz Bold, Mom: "The kids get hurt a lot. There is always an incident, whether it be with a filet knife, a fishing hook or skateboard, or fall on their bike."

Instead of reaching for a bandage the last time one of her kids got hurt, she grabbed a new product made by a Sarasota company, called WoundSeal.

Liz Bold, Mom: "I put it on his leg, and I was amazed. It sealed up in two minutes."

The idea: You pour this powder over the wound, and as soon as it comes in contact with your blood, it forms an artificial seal.

Tim Kelly, Executive Vice President, Biolife: "It sits on top of the wound. It's like putting a cork in a wine bottle if you will. It seals it up at the surface."

It not only stops the bleeding instantly, the makers of WoundSeal say it also protects the wound.

Tim Kelly, Executive Vice President, Biolife: "A lot of people are worried about infections and other problems with wounds, but it will form a seal that will protect the wound as well."

The product has been used on wounds in hospitals for years, but now, it's available at the drug store.

It recently helped Janet Wilmink avoid a trip to the emergency room.

Janet Wilmink: "I was just home doing the dishes, and I had a very sharp knife, and I cut across this finger and pretty deep."

She immediately grabbed the WoundSeal.

Janet Wilmink: "It crusted over. It didn't hurt, it stopped bleeding."

It's considered sweat-proof and you don't have to change any bandages.

Liz knows with all her rambunctious kids, there will be another accident or injury soon.

Liz Bold, Mom: "It's just comforting to know if someone gets hurt, I'm going to be able to seal it and stop the bleeding."

Richard Lemus: "WoundSeal is sold at Walgreens for $6.99. If you can't find it in the First Aid aisle, you can ask the store manager to order it."

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