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Drastic Drop

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WSVN -- At 5-foot-5 and 260-pounds, Dee Williams just didn't feel good about herself.

Dee Williams: "I felt like I was overweight, obese, just not pretty."

She tried desperately to lose the weight.

Dee Williams: "I had tried several diets. I tried exercising and it just didn't work."

Worried about her health she knew she had to find an answer. Then she heard about a new weight loss procedure at Memorial Regional Hospital.

Dr. Brett Cohen: ""Weight loss surgery has been around for a while. It's evolved over time, no question."

The procedure is called "Imbricated Lap Band Surgery" or "I-Band" similar to traditional lap band surgery. A silicone band is placed around the top of the stomach.

Dr. Brett Cohen: "The band sits at the very top portion of the stomach and it creates a very small pouch."

The band restricts the amount of food that goes into the stomach, but what makes this procedure different is that the surgeon also folds the stomach inward to make it even smaller.

Dr. Brett Cohen: "We'll essentially push that into itself, create a line of sutures that hold it in place."

Dr. Cohen says that makes the weight come off faster and easier, and says it's safer than gastric bypass surgery.

Dr. Brett Cohen: "One of the reasons lapband tends to be the safest of the weight loss procedures is it's the only one we're not cutting, dividing, removing."

Since there's no stapling of the stomach I-Band poses less risk. Patients say they don't feel as hungry and can lose up to 15 pounds a month.

It's been three months since Dee's procedure and so far she's lost 42 pounds.

Dee Williams: "I feel like a whole new person."

She has a lot more energy now and is learning to eat healthier.

Dee Williams: "I'm pretty much able to eat anything I want six portions a day, but it's small portions."

And most importantly Dee is looking forward to the future thanks to her drastic drop.

Dee Williams: "Get a whole new makeover, new hairstyle, new look and just ready for the new world what it has to offer."

Diana Diaz: "Dr. Cohen says a good candidate for the I-Band procedure is someone who is at least a hundred pounds over their ideal weight."


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