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The Big Chill

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WSVN -- She doesn't look like your average biker chick, but Tracy McDonough loves to cruise around on a motorcycle.

Tracy McDonough: "I love riding the beach area, so you're really getting a lot of sun the reflection from the water."

Recently the 48-year-old started paying for her fun-in-the-sun hobby with brown sun spots and rosacea on her face.

Tracy McDonough: "I notice over time little things are showing up that I didn't have before."

Carla Williams is only 32, she feels her sun damage is so bad she hides behind a mask of makeup.

Carla Williams: "I have to wear a makeup that's almost like a medical grade makeup. I don't even walk to the mailbox without makeup."

Looking for an answer? Both women went to Boca Raton laser guru Dr. Jason Pozner for what's called an "Arctic Peel."

Carla Williams: "It's the best air conditioning in Florida."

During the arctic peel, lasers penetrate deep into the skin and do double-duty.

Dr. Jason Pozner: "We use a laser to take off the outer layers of the skin. One pass with the full resurfacing, one pass with the fractional resurfacing. You'll get rid of some brown spots and you'll tighten. These type of laser peels help you work on your collagen."

Unlike other deep peels, no anesthetic is needed just like it's frigid name. The arctic peel uses chilled air to help ease the pain.

Dr. Jason Pozner: "It's called Arctic Peel because we use cold air. It doesn't hurt at all because the cold air provides the anesthetic."

Tracy Mcdonough: "I felt this cool air on me, so it made it comfortable."

Best part, there's no downtime but Dr. Pozner warns the peel is not for everyone

Dr. Jason Pozner: "This is phenomenal for those in their 30s and 40s who are looking for minimal, downtown little rejuvenation."

Tracy got the peel a few months ago and feels she got amazing results.

Tracy Mcdonough: "My face just seems fresher. All the sun damage seems to be gone, and some of the little lines that I had have disappeared."

Carla is hoping the peel will give her the same cool results.

Carla Williams: "If it gets rid of even some of it I'll be happy."

Christine Cruz: "Patients will need one to four treatments, and the there are package deals."


Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center4800 N. Federal Highway, C100 in the Sanctuary Centre Boca Raton, FL 1-800-407-4319 to schedule a consultation.

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