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Training Transformation

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WSVN -- Personal trainer Jose Lima usually has a certain type of client at his South Miami gym Jose Lima: "I get people all the time who want to lose weight. They want to get in shape. I get athletes."But Jose's job and life changed dramatically when Ryan Serrano walked into the gym a couple of years agoJose Lima: "When I saw him, I knew it was going to be a challenge."Ryan didn't need to lose weight or tone up. The 15-year-old is a stroke victim.Jacqueline Serrano: "He had a stroke in utero, which means before he was even born. One in a thousand children can have this."Ryan was born paralyzed on the left side and doctors said he would never have normal use of his arm and hand.Ryan Serrano: "Life has always been different for me. Kids at school wherever I go they always ask me what is wrong with my arm?"Years of traditional physical therapy helped, but Ryan still could not do simple things most of us take for granted. Ryan Serrano: "Cutting food and tying my shoes. Those are the things that no one really thinks about because you need two hands to do."Jacqueline Serrano: "I said there has to be something else to do. So we started thinking out of the box."Thinking outside the box led them to Jose. The fitness trainer had worked with kids before but had never trained someone like Ryan who could not even open his left hand. Jose Lima: "I gave him a test to walk around the gym and hold equipment, and it was pretty difficult for him. He wasn't able to hold on to any weights"Jose decided to give it a try and the two started training three times a week. Jose says each session they found something new to help Ryan.Jose Lima: "We do a lot of strength training, which he needs because the left side of his body was very weak. A lot of balance training  The training itself has retrained his mind how to configure his left hand and his left leg."Amazingly, Ryan's left side has developed and he can now use all of the equipment in the gym. He can even play baseball using his arm for catching, throwing and batting. Jose Lima: "In life we all have a goal that is meaningful. Helping Ryan out is bigger than anything I've ever done."Jacqueline Serrano: "I told Jose that he is God-send. That he is an angel because he's made him do things he couldn't do before."Ryan says for him the motivation to keep going is simple. Ryan Serrano: "My ultimate goal is to look and feel normal."FOR MORE INFORMATION: The Health Joint Fitness Club of

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