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Fashionable Life-Saver

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WSVN -- Like most 20-somethings in Miami, Ali Vazquez lived a healthy, normal life. Hanging out with friends and having fun in South Beach, but suddenly one night her life took a dramatic turn.

Ali Vazquez: "I was driving to an event and I began to feel very disoriented. I continued to drive, I had a car accident. What was happening I was having a seizure."

Ali was diagnosed with epilepsy and more seizures would follow.

Ali Vazquez: "You never know when they are going to strike."

Her doctor instructed her to wear a medical tag with this symbol, which would alert emergency responders of her condition and how to treat her.

Dr. Aizak Wolf: "It gives them the information of the diagnosis, and then the patient is carrying a card that describes what medications they are on, what particular problem them have medically."

Ali Vazquez: "If I have a seizure I can't tell you what's wrong. If I have seizure this will do the talking for me."

But like many patients ... Ali felt the medical jewelry was embarrassing ... And drew unwanted attention to her illness.

Ali Vazquez: "They really weren't working out with my outfits. Sounds silly but it's just the truth. They're not attractive and you have to explain why you're wearing it."

So the young fashionista decided to create her own line of medical alert jewelry called "Medirocks." The jewelry is fashioned around what's in style.

Ali Vazquez: "Leather wraps, leather cuffs we did for children glow-in-the-dark bracelets, silly bands so whatever is the trend."

40-year-old Laura Leiseca has food allergies. Eating one wrong dish could put her life in danger.

Laura Leiseca: "I've had attacks. You faint. You start convulsing and you need an epi pen to come back."

Even though she knew the medical alert could save her life, she would often skip wearing the jewelry.

Laura Leiseca: "If you're going to a wedding or you're going on a date, you don't want to be wearing some ugly jewelry. It's just being a woman."

She was so excited to find Ali's stylish new line she even bought a leather wrap bracelet.

Laura Leiseca: "It saves my life and it's cool to wear."

Ali Vazquez: "It just makes me feel like I turned my negative situation into a positive one."

A fashionable life-saver that helps patients stand out for all the right reasons.

Lynn Martinez: "In the fall, Ali will have a new collection coming out for the new fashion season."


Aliette Vazquez Medirocks President 772.245.medi (office) EMAIL:

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