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Save Your Smile

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WSVN -- Rondalier Sims knew something was terribly wrong with her teeth.

Rondalier Sims: "I went to my dentist. My tooth was falling out."

Dr. Peter Rubelman, Periodontist: "When I looked at her teeth, these teeth were so loose, I could have removed them with my fingers."

The news was bad: she had periodontal disease. Rondalier had a lot of bone loss and would probably lose some of her teeth.

Dr. Peter Rubelman, Periodontist: "The most common cause of periodontal disease is not cleaning the teeth. Plaque sticks to your teeth and it starts to harden, and there's bacteria that surrounds it."

In hopes of saving her smile, Rondalier went to Periodontist Peter Rubelman, who is using a laser called Periolase. The laser is passed between the gums and the teeth, giving a deep cleaning and destroying the disease.

Dr. Peter Rubelman, Periodontist: "It goes down with a fiber optic. It kills the bacteria very efficiently, and it removes the diseased tissue, yet it doesn't remove the healthy tissue. It's selective. That's very unusual."

The body usually heals itself naturally. The tissue can then form healthy bonds around the tooth, making the tissue tight again.

Dr. Peter Rubelman, Periodontist: "After you clean the roots of the teeth, you seal the gum to the tooth to prevent the bacteria from getting back in there."

The laser's success has even shocked the doctor.

Dr. Peter Rubelman, Periodontist: "We've gotten some results that we never thought were possible, and sometimes now, I'm doing things I never dreamt I would do before to save a tooth."

It saved Rondalier's teeth and gave her dramatic results.

Dr. Peter Rubelman, Periodontist: "There's no pockets anymore, and the teeth are solid as a rock, and she is thrilled."

Rondalier Sims: "I went to work bragging about this new thing I had."

Her advice to anyone who is told they should pull their teeth?

Rondalier Sims: "Get a second opinion and see if it can be saved."

Lynn Martinez: "Usually only two treatments are needed."


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