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Cooling Care

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WSVN -- Five month old Jayden seems to be growing and playing like other babies his age. It's encouraging for his mom who says the little boy's life got off to a scary start the day he was born.

Juliana Lewis: "His umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. He had no respiration, he was deprived of oxygen. He was a blue baby."

Juliana knew something was terribly wrong when she never heard her baby cry.

Juliana Lewis: "The whole time I didn't know if he was going to be alive or if he was dead."

Thankfully, Jayden was alive but he needed immediate help when babies are deprived of oxygen or blood during birth they often suffer permanent brain injury.

Dr. Shahnaz Duara: "There's been very few things we could do historically."

But now doctors at UM Holtz Children'sHhospital are using a simple, but breakthrough technique called Cooling to protect the brain's of babies injured like Jayden's.

Dr. Shahnaz Duara: "Once the brain has been hit with an insult it releases chemicals. Those chemicals are the ones that do the damage. What actually causes the damage, is the second hit just dropping the temperature a few degrees seems to prevent that second hit."

Babies are put on a cooling blanket where water flows through plastic tubing into the blanket.

Dr. Shahnaz Duara: "We are trying to target a set temperature, which is about three degrees celsius below the baby's normal temperature. So it's not frozen it's cool."

The machine and blanket constantly monitor the baby's body temperature and can adjust the temperature of the water but timing is very important.

Dr. Shahnaz Duara: "You have to start soon after birth and hold it for 72 hours, and then after that we turn back to normal care."

The method is now being used in the UK. Just last week this little boy's life was saved by a cooling mat as well.

Amanda Merricks: "He was shivering, he had only got his nappy on, and they were desperately trying to cool his body temperature down. Within a few hours he was down to the perfect temperature."

Cooling is not performed in every hospital just yet, but Juliana says it should be.

Juliana Lewis: "I know it saved his life. I'm looking forward to a good future with him."

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