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WSVN -- Catherine calls Jau a loyal and fearless guard dog, but recently the Brazilian mastiff just wasn't himself.

Catherine Curtis: "Last week all of a sudden he was crying and he couldn't get up."

When the pain got so bad Jau couldn't walk, Catherine rushed him to Miami Veterinary specialists that's where Dr. Beatrix Nanoi said he would need an MRI, but this one is different because it's made specifically for pets

Dr. Beatrix Nanoi: ""We have different coils where we can position, so basically from the tiniest dog to the biggest dog or cats we can image them."

This MIR allows vets to see exactly what's going on inside the animal.

Dr. Beatrix Nanoi: "We can look at brain tumors, we can look at the inflammatory diseases, we can look inside the spinal cord."

Plus since it's a non-invasive way to diagnose a problem, you don't have to put your pet through any unnecessary procedures but, as you can see with this cat they do need to be sedated.

Dr. Beatrix Nanoi: "It does require anesthesia because we just can't tell them to lay still 30 minutes to an hour in the magnet."

Jau's MRI produced very quick results.

Dr. Beatrix Nanoi: "Immediately, we can see that there is a major compression going on right here."

He had a bulging disc in his lower spine and would need surgery right away, Catherine says having that kind of imaging technology available gave her great relief.

Dr. Beatrix Nanoi: "To have peace of mind knowing you're going to subject your pet to this surgery, knowing in fact that this is the exact area of the problem."

Now out of surgery, Jau is on the mend and expected to have a full recovery.

Catherine Curtis: "He was already up like his normal self, getting ready to make trouble and really a lot more mobile than I expected."

Richard Lemus: "The MRI is so sensitive it can even detect if a pet has suffered a stroke."


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