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Skin Scare

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WSVN -- Eight-year-old Maia Koch is a bundle of energy!

Jai Koch, Mom: "She's very active. She enjoys gymnastics and Jiu Jitsu."

With all those fun activities and school, Maia has a lot of contact with other kids.

Jai Koch: "They touch each other, share mats together, and sometimes they share clothes."

Thanks to all the sharing her mother recently noticed something strange on Maia's skin.

Jai Koch: "I noticed she had what looked like pimples on her chest. Of course, you don't want some weird growth on your child's body."

Maia: "It was weird. It was itchy."

Concerned, she took her daughter to dermatologist Melissa Lazarus who knew right away what Maia had.

Dr. Melissa Lazarus, Board Certified Dermatologist: "After school my office is flooded with children who have Molluscum. Molluscum is a virus that causes a little lesion on the skin, similar to a wart, but is very contagious."

The lesions are usually small, pearly bumps with a dimple or pit in the center. Dr. Lazarus says while molluscum is not dangerous, it can be a problem.

Dr. Melissa Lazarus: "When you have one or two lesions, it's not a big deal, they'll usually go away by themselves. The problem becomes when some kids will itch, and spread them."

If that happens see a doctor right away.

Dr. Melissa Lazarus: "We can destroy them using liquid nitrogen, sometimes we can pop them out, and sometimes we use topical cream to make them go away."

Jai: "The treatment was very simple and pain-free for her."

To keep from getting or spreading the disease there are some precautions you can take.

Dr. Melissa Lazarus: "Covering the skin, so it doesn't get in contact. Letting kids know not to touch it or touch other children. Not sharing towels. Not sharing clothing."

Jai's daughter has gotten the virus several times now. She says the thing to keep in mind it's nothing to be embarrassed about.

Jai: "Once you start talking about it with your friends, then you find out how many children have actually had it."

Dr. Lazarus also suggests using moisturizer on your child's skin every day it creates a barrier on the skin that can prevent molluscum.

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