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Lips For Life

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WSVN -- It's what every woman wants. Full, luscious lips, like Angelina Jolie's famous pout.

To look at Natalie Riley you would think she was naturally blessed with great lips.

Natalie Reily, 41 years old: "I feel that my lips are plump and proportionate."

It wasn't always the case. For most of her life Natalie was unhappy with her lips.

Natalie Reily: "I had a very full bottom lip, but my top lip was barely there, so it wasn't proportioned at all."

She tried injections to plump up her top lip, but wasn't always happy with the results.

Natalie Reily: "It was time-consuming having to redo it, so I was looking for a permanent solution."

For a long-term solution she went to Boca Raton plastic surgeon Daniel Man who is using implants called "Lips For Life" .

Dr. Daniel Man, Plastic Surgeon: "You don't have to have it redone, that's why we call it Lips For Life."

These little silicone pieces, which come in small, medium and large, are easily implanted into the lips and look very natural. Doctors first numb the lips and then make a tiny incision in the corner of the mouth.

Dr. Man: "There is a special instrument that we pass from one corner of the mouth to the other, while the lips are numb. It grabs the implant and moves it from one side to the other side, and that's it."

The procedure only takes about 20 minutes and is supposed to be painless. We watched as Alexis Furman got the medium implants.

Alexis Furman: "I'm floored because there is no pain."

Other than a few days of swelling and maybe some bruising, doctors say the implants are safe, and the best part is they can be easily removed if you are not happy with them.

As for Natalie, she's planning on having great lips for life.

Natalie Reily: "I love the results. Nobody knows it's there. When you kiss you don't feel it."

The cost is about $1,900, which over time, is a lot less money than getting fillers injected.


Dr. Daniel Man851 Meadows Road Suite 222Boca Raton FL 33486(800) 232-5508

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