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Gift of Flab

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WSVN -- Shopping stress and of course tons of great food. It's what the holidays are all about.

Heidi Laracuente: "I was just not fitting into any of my clothes, I was feeling horrible."

Heidi Laracuente had reached her limit a year ago. She was up to 191 pounds and her husband Jose was tipping the scale at 366 pounds. They started eating healthy and exercising and gradually the weight came off

Heidi Laracuente: "My husband dropped 88 pounds and I dropped 17 within the last year."

So with the holidays around the corner Heidi doesn't want to put those extra pounds back on.

Sonia Angel: "It's estimated that people gain between 7 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's."

Nutritionist Sonia says 'tis the season for high-fat foods but don't over react and try to skip on everything.

Sonia Angel: "This is not about dieting, this is about maintaining your weight."

Moderation is key.

Sonia Angel: "You can balance out those high-fat, high calorie foods low-fat high-fiber foods that fill you up."

One good tip: Make sure you fill half of your plate with vegetables or salad and add some lean meat like chicken or turkey breas that way you will have little room left for those heavy starches. Here's a trick she shares with her patients, if you want dessert skip the starches all together.

Sonia Angel: "Why have stuffing that's going to have 200 calories, when you can save those 200 calories for that piece of pie."

Sonia says it's all about making healthier choices like savoring a little bit of chocolate instead of eating that big slice of cake.

Sonia Angel: "Dark chocolate is best, it's an anti-oxidant with a lot a lot of benefits."

Another good choice to munch on at that holiday party.

Sonia Angel: "Nuts are very good, they're full of fiber, vitamin E."

And remember the holidays only come around once a year so if you do overindulge a bit don't beat yourself up.

Heidi is working out five days a week, eating a lot more fruits and vegetables and says she has a game plan this season.

Heidi Laracuente: "I am having the holidays at my house this year, both of them Thanksgiving and Christmas, that means I have control over who brings what."

Christine Cruz: Another tip from Sonia, those festive holiday drinks can pack a lot of calories. Enjoy a glass of red wine or some low-fat eggnog instead."


For more Calorie Cutting Tips:Visit the Memorial Healthcare System Facebook Click on the "Staying Fit" tab

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