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Carboxy Therapy

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WSVN -- When 27-year-old Giannina looks in the mirror, she likes what she sees and she wants to keep it that way.

Giannina Marulanda: "It wasn't so much about change but I wanted to prevent."

So when she heard about a treatment that could keep her looking young without surgery, she wanted to check it out.

Giannina Marulanda: "That it would take out my cellulite, reduce my stretchmarks and tighten my skin."

Giannina is talking about a treatment called Carboxy Therapy, which uses carbon dioxide gas to rejuvenate the skin.

Here's how it works: A tiny needle is inserted just under the skin and then carbon dioxide gas or co-2 for short, is injected into the area to be tightened.

Dr. Daniel Carpman: "You can improve the eyes, can improve the face, can treat also the neck."

Anti-aging experts say by injecting co-2 oxygen is brought to the skin's surface improving blood flow and circulation.

Carboxy therapy is used to reduce the appearance of cellulite, fade stretch marks and scars and smoothe away wrinkles.

Michael Mansfield: "I wanted to firm up this area, sort of enliven my skin."

Michael Mansfield found the idea fascinating.

Michael Mansfield: "They said it would inject carbon dioxide into the skin, which would cause a sort of heightened state of oxygenation in the skin."

He gave it a shot and says it wasn't painful, only took a few minutes and he saw results right away.

Michael Mansfield: "Instant because it literally pops out little wrinkles, you know they just like popped out."

Giannina had her thighs treated once a week for five weeks and she says the procedure left her with smoother, firmer skin and that's not all.

Giannina Marulanda: "The lines, the stretchmarks, they reduced."

And even months later, the lines haven't come back.

Giannina Marulanda: "I can still see the difference."

Christine Cruz: "Patients usually need about eight to ten treatments for optimal results. The cost of carboxy therapy varies but can range from $60 a session and up."


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