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Beat the Burn

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WSVN -- Suzy Schwartz doesn't look like she eats a lot, but the tiny 41-year-old loves junk food.

Suzy Schwartz: "I love pizza, nachos and horrible things. I eat like I'm still a kid."

Recently she started having some grown-up problems.

Suzy Schwartz: "I started experiencing burning in my throat, horrible stomach issues after I ate."

Suzy was diagnosed with acid reflux and like many patients, doctors prescribed antacids and medications meant to reduce all the acid in her stomach.

Suzy Schwartz: "You read about all these prescriptive medicines and they have all these side effects and I didn't want to be a part of that."

Looking for a more natural treatment Suzy found out about digestive enzymes through Dr. Matthew Cooper. Dr. Cooper started taking enzymes years ago to treat his own acid reflux.

Dr. Matthew Cooper: "Two days after I started taking these natural enzymes my symptoms completely disappeared."

Dr. Cooper believes acid reflux isn't caused by too much acid, but happens because the foods you eat are not broken down right in your mouth and stomach.

Dr. Matthew Cooper: "Maybe you're not digesting sugars or your fats or your proteins or maybe a combination there of."

He says much of processed and cooked foods we eat these days do not have the enzymes needed to help with digestion, so taking natural enzyme supplements before each meal is the solution.

Dr. Matthew Cooper: "This does not just get rid of your symptoms of heartburn, this will allow you to digest, absorb and utilize your nutrients better, and when you do that, your body will work better."

To find out which enzymes you need Dr. Cooper does a physical exam, then takes blood and urine samples.

Dr. Matthew Cooper: "The urine sample will tell us which foods the body is digesting properly, and maybe which food they are not digesting properly, what they are deficient in, as far as vitamins and minerals."

Once you know what you need patients usually take two to four enzyme pills before every meal to aid in digestion.

Dr. Matthew Cooper: "The enzymes are all natural, there are no side effects."

Suzy got tested and found out she wasn't digesting carbs very well. She now takes enzymes every times she eats.

Suzy Schwartz: "I felt better the second I ate, and I started eating everything again to test it out."

And she feels like she's permanently beaten the burn.

Suzy Schwartz: "It was like a miracle.I tell everybody."

Diana Diaz: "The enzymes cost about as much as regular medications about $40 a month."


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