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Beauty Breakthrough

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WSVN -- Like many women, Sara George has been dealing with ugly spider veins for years.

Sara George: "I've always kind of been in a battle with my veins."

She used to get injections to make the web-like veins shrink and disappear, but Sara has put it off for years because of the pain.

Sara George: "A lot of really, really bad stinging as it went right through vein. You kind of clenched your fist and you did it because you did it for the sake of beauty. It really did hurt."

She's now propped up in dermatologist Oscar Hevia's chair to try a brand new treatment. For the first time the FDA has approved a new solution to be injected into veins called Asclera.

Dr. Oscar Hevia, Dermatologist: "It's been used in Europe a lot, it's been used for over a decade, on millions of patients. It's an excellent product."

The biggest complaint with the old injections was the pain. Asclera is being called a beauty breakthrough because it's supposed to be painless.

Dr. Hevia: "The reason why is, we're not using salt, which was the old material we used, which caused a stinging sensation. In this case, we're using a detergent, like a soapy-type material, believe it or not, that does not irritate the cells in the blood vessels."

We watched Sara get dozens of tiny injections with Asclera and she didn't seem to flinch!

Sara George: "It is night and day, the difference is absolutely astonishing. I felt a little prick and basically nothing running through my veins."

Doctors bandage the legs where the veins were injected, so they will eventually disappear.

Dr. Hevia: "This whole area right here is gone."

And doctors say the product is just as effective as the older product.

Dr. Hevia: "Most people will see an improvement in their veins in two to three weeks."

Denyset Velazquez was one of the first to get the treatment. She says her veins vanished quickly!

Denyset Velazquez: "The experience is awesome because I'm able to wear skirts and shorts again. My whole life has changed."

Treatments cost anywhere from $250 to $500 depending on how many veins are treated.

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