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WSVN -- A quick glance around Laura Gambino's living room and you'll spot her passion.

Laura Gambino: "My hobby is reading. I read the newspapers, I read magazines, and I'm usually reading two to three books a week."

The 46-year-old depends on contact lenses to help her see and read better.

Laura Gambino: "I've been wearing contacts for a little over 20 years."

But like many longtime lens wearers, she's had her share of problems.

Laura Gambino: "I would get infections here and there. I was getting them two to three times a year."

Doctors say infections are one of the biggest problems for lens wearers.

Dr. Barry Kay: "They're not cleaning them properly. They're not replacing them as often as we tell them, so their lenses get old, they get buildup."

Laura switched to a lens she replaced every day, but even that didn't solve all her problems.

Laura Gambino: "I enjoyed the one-a-days, but again, the noticeable difference was I get dry eyes and they wouldn't wear as long."

It's another common problem doctors see they say lenses don't always let enough oxygen reach the eyes, which can be uncomfortable and unhealthy for eyes.

Dr. Barry Kay: "When the eye doesn't get enough oxygen, the body will try to send blood vessels in to help to get oxygen to the cornea. The blood vessels aren't supposed to be there, so that's a problem."

Now there's a breakthrough in contact lens technology. A new one day lens called "Trueeye" is supposed to keep eyes healthier.

Dr. Barry Kay: "What I've found with this new lens is the patients come back to me and say it's like an invisible lens."

You get a fresh lens every day, which helps prevent buildup and infection and doctors say the lenses are built to allow more oxygen to reach the eye.

Dr. Barry Kay: "It is the first one day lens that helps us get more air, and hold more moisture."

Laura was one of the first in South Florida to try the new lenses, she says she can't even feel them in her eyes.

Laura Gambino: "From the start it was a huge difference. Handling them was much easier, very soft, almost skin-line. They go in quick."

And not only do they feel good throwing them out every day has taken away the worry.

Laura Gambino: "A fresh one goes in every day, and it really takes away that feeling that 'am I gonna get an eye infection?"

Diana Diaz: "The lenses are more expensive, about $10 to $15 more a month, but you do cut some costs since you don't have to buy cleaning solution."


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