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Shots too Soon?

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WSVN -- When Lindsay moved from the windy city of Chicago to the sunny city of Miami to start college last year, it was a big change.

Lindsay: "In Miami, there is definitely a bigger pressure to always be dressed up, look to the nines, always get yourself to the gym."

Even though she is only 19, she is already worrying about wrinkles.

Lindsay: "The areas that I'm thinking about the most are, like, here. I'm always in the sun, so I'm squinting, or when I'm studying, I'm concentrating, so my forehead area."

So Lindsay has decided to take a drastic step.

Lindsay: "Today, I'm going to get my first injection of Botox. I'm feeling a little nervous and excited."

She is not alone. Teen star Charice Pempengco created headlines for prepping for her fall role on "Glee" with Botox. She's only 18.

It's a teenage trend doctors are now seeing.

Dr. Diane Walder: "So now, we're seeing a lot of 16, 17-year-olds coming in, asking about Botox. Because of the awareness on TV shows, magazines, you know everyone knows what Botox is now."

Dr. Diane Walder says, she won't give the shots to anyone under 18 or to any teenager who doesn't need it.

Dr. Diane Walder: "The girls and boys who come in without any lines and they want to use it preventively, I really discourage them."

But in her eyes, if teenagers are already forming lines, she believes Botox can prevent those lines from becoming worse.

Dr. Diane Walder: "Some kids, when they are very young, they start to raise their eyebrows or frown. It's a habit they develop, and then they start to develop these lines. If you can prevent that, there's no reason not to do it. It's a very safe product. There's no side effects."

She does have one big warning for young patients.

Dr. Diane Walder: "I have to explain to them the expense of doing it. It's not a permanent procedure. It's a repetitive thing. And the cost of doing it."

Dr. Walder says Lindsay is actually the perfect candidate for Botox.

Dr. Diane Walder: "She already has these horizontal lines that she's getting from raising her eyebrows, so by putting Botox in, we'll relax these muscles, and the lines will fade away."

Lindsay got her first round of Botox and says she'll consider it again in the future.

Lindsay: "I'm not getting any younger, so I might as well take care of it now. This is prevention for me."

Lynn Martinez: "Botox shots only lasts three to four months, so keeping those lines smooth can cost about $1,000 a year."

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