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WSVN -- With strollers at the ready, these new moms roll out with the mission in mind for a toned new body.

Vicki Vertich: "Let's pick up our pace a little bit, babies like to move."

She may sound like a drill sergeant, but Vicki Vertich is a certified peri-natal fitness instructor. She created this power-stroller program at North Shore Medical Center to get new moms moving again.

Vicki Vertich: "The moms want to get out and kinda own their body back a little bit they've had a lot of changes."

Vicki says pregnancy hormonal changes can make it hard for new moms to lose weight. That's why she says post-pregnancy is a good time to get that heart pumping.

Vicki Vertich: "We can get a little more cardio in for them, and they just want to tone up again, and lose that extra baby body tissue."

With drills like ring around the baby and using the stroller to do conditioning and stretching exercises...

Vicki Vertich: "It keeps better body alignment and it actually challenges you a little bit."

Busy moms are able to get their workout in and bond with baby at the same time. Something that is very important to Michaela, mother of one month old Marley.

Michaela Cronan: "I've never been a gym person, so I would hate to have to go to the gym and bring my kid and drop her off."

Rumira worked out five times a week before having Sophia. She says getting back into it not only helps her feel better but It helps her be a better mom.

Rumira Debaldo: "It's what makes me feel really good, which helps me be better for her in the end. It helps me with work, it helps me sleep better."

Vicki Vertich: "We're going to work out our arms here picking up those babies all the time, this will help us."

This is Geneve's fourth baby, you could say her prior deliveries were a bit chaotic.

Geneve Pollack: "I had a birth at home, one in a fire truck."

She never had time to exercise before.

Geneve Pollack: "I wish I had this class before with my other children because it gives me more time to bond with them."

Vicki Vertich: "We're going to do some lifts with our leg, nice and slow."

Vicki says it's important to do a thorough evaluation before new moms start exercising.

Vicki Vertich: "I do a history to see what type of delivery they had if they had any complications during pregnancy."

The bottom line: These moms are getting back in shape without leaving baby behind.

Vicki Vertich: "Even though your baby is there you're doing something for yourself and I think that's important."

Diana Diaz: "Vicki says it's best to wait six weeks after delivery before starting an exercise program. Classes start in September and right now they are free to join."


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