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Eat Your Water

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WSVN -- While most of us crave something sweet or maybe something salty, 29-year-old Megan Harmon has a different craving.

Megan Harmon: "My body kind of craves water. I drink a lot of water. I'm obsessed with water."

Whether she's doing yoga or just simply taking a walk, you won't see her without a bottle of H2O.

Megan Harmon: "I drink as much water as my body wants from me, which I assume is probably about eight glasses a day."

We've all heard we're supposed to guzzle eight glasses a day. But for most of us, it's hard to do. Well, here's some good news: turns out, that theory is totally watered down.

Sheah Rarback, Registered Dietitian, Miller School of Medicine: "It's a myth. No one knows even where it came from. There's absolutely no science that came up with the number eight as the magic number for water."

While our bodies do need water, dietitians say there may be an even better way to get it: eat your water.

Sheah Rarback: "Foods are full of water. Eating foods that have a high water content is one of the best ways to help you lose weight."

Your best foods with fluids: fruits and veggies. The name says it all: watermelon is 97 percent water. Also, strawberries and peaches are high in H2O. Just think, the juicier, the better.

Sheah Rarback: "If you're eating a juicy peach or a juicy piece of watermelon, you know you're getting the fluid your body needs."

When it comes to veggies, cucumbers rank number one. They're 96 percent water.

Sheah Rarback: "Tomatoes and zucchini are about the same in water content, and that's about 95 percent is water."

You might be surprised about this one. Broccoli is another heavy-hitter.

Sheah Rarback: "Broccoli is 91 percent water. You don't think about it, 'cause it's dense, but there's water in the cells of the broccoli."

Another shocker: beans.

Sheah Rarback: "If you think of a bean, it's a dry, hard little pod. But then you soak it, and it soaks up all the water when you cook it, so a bean has 77 percent fluid in there."

Experts say eating water-rich foods not only helps you lose weight, but it can make you look younger too.

Sheah Rarback: "It's going to help our skin stay sort of plumped up or moist."

Megan doesn't plan on giving up her water bottle any time soon. But now, she's going to try to "eat" her water too.

Megan Harmon: "I will be more aware of what I could be contributing to my body when it comes to having more water."

Christine Cruz: "Soup is another way to get water and fill up fast. But just beware of soup filled with salt."

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